Celebrating Mom while Depreciating Motherhood

mother_and_daughter_holding_handsMother’s Day is a day of gifts, cards, and dinner with mom in order to tell her how much she is appreciated.  We celebrate mom on Mother’s Day.  According to studies, moms get more material benefit out of Mother’s Day than dads out of Father’s Day.  It is appropriate that Mother’s Day is always on a Sunday since moms and motherhood are gifts from God.

On the sixth and final day of creation, God created the most valuable part of his creation and he crowned it with his very image.  We as humans were created in God’s image and were created male and female.  God uniquely blessed humans for the purpose of spreading his image over creation so that his dominion would be exercised.  In God’s wise design, he established childbearing and rearing as his means of establishing his glory throughout the earth.  Thus motherhood is essential to God’s purpose for creation.  For obvious reasons fatherhood is essential too, but motherhood is unique in that a woman alone can conceive a child within her own body, carry that child for 9 months, and then bring forth another image bearer into the world.

In spite of the glory of childbearing, our culture has worked to depreciate motherhood.  There is an insidious message whispered all around us, “There are more important things than motherhood.”  And what are those things?  Education, occupation, money, time, leisure.  The clearest and most wicked form of this depreciation is abortion, which literally destroys motherhood.  Every year nearly a million children in the United States are legally put to death by abortionists.  And why?  What is the leading reason for abortions?  Answer: Children will interfere with a woman’s plans – her education, her occupation, her day-planner.  The abortion industry, along with pro-abortion and pro-choice advocates, have made their message clear, “There are many things more important than motherhood.”

The depreciation of motherhood and the trend of couples putting more emphasis on other things is seen in the decline in the American birthrate.  Birthrates have significantly reduced in America over the past 50+ years.  As soon as someone says that it is good for a wife to have children and to give herself to childrearing that person is instantly branded a “sexist” or a “male-chauvinist.”  This name calling will be followed by the comment, “a woman is more than a baby producer.”  Well, I agree that there is more to women than bearing children, however I would say that there is really nothing higher from a creation standpoint.  A woman can conceive and carry a child in her own body!  An image of God is produced from her body!  That is something that a man cannot do and it is glorious.  Why would we depreciate in any way such a unique and amazing ability and gift of God?

Why would anyone downplay or even attack motherhood?  One answer will suffice for a Christian and it is found in Genesis 3:15 when God says to the Serpent, “I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and her offspring; he shall bruise your head, and you shall bruise his heal.”  Satan has known from the beginning that his downfall would come through a mother giving birth to a child.  Every child that is born reminds him that his defeat is certain.  The birth of Mary’s son in Bethlehem brought judgment on his reptilian head and on all who follow him.  For those of us who trust in the woman’s offspring we find blessing upon blessing.  And thus we know that children are a blessing of God and thus we celebrate mothers and motherhood.

After the fall we live in a cursed creation filled with heartaches such as infertility and the death of children, and we should grieve with those who experience such loses.  But let us with equal passion let everyone know that from the beginning God created them male and female and blessed them and said be fruitful and multiply.  Let us show compassion to those who cannot conceive and let us with boldness speak to a world that depreciates children and let them know that children are a blessing and motherhood is something to be celebrate every day of the year and not just on Mother’s Day.